Michael Mervosh, M.Ed.

Licensed Psychologist


Michael is a psychologist who has been devoted to a full-time private practice providing intensive individual and group psychotherapy for the past 14 years. 

He has completed four years of training at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, with an emphasis on both working with individuals and working with body process. He has been in ongoing training and supervision which has incorporated approaches from Gestalt, Radix, Object-Relations, BioEnergetics and Developmental Characterology.

 He has spent four years in training and eight years teaching at Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami Beach, FL. He brings particular attention to the human energy system and its interplay with mind and body organization. Michael has an enduring passion for the co-creative therapeutic process, and its potential to ultimately engender or restore vitality and well-being.

His founding work with the Hero’s Journey Programs, cultivated over the past ten years, is a unique and specialized blend of personal and spiritual transformation work, making use of inspiring and challenging wilderness environments to highlight personal issues and accelerate a facilitation process for moving through them. People come from all over the country to experience this deep level of personal and community support that is provided, and assists in overcoming one’s personal obstacles and self-imposed limitations.

Michael Mervosh
phone number: 412-363-1530

email: [email protected]

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