Pittsburgh facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Leong, has achieved acclaim for his ability to create beautiful, very natural facial enhancements. Widely recognized for his excellence in facial surgery, he is often called upon to share his advanced techniques at national and international conferences.


Dr. Leong, a Facial Plastic Surgeon, is known for his highly specialized practice. He believes in the power of focus, concentrating solely on facial procedures to achieve superior results. His expertise is evident in his signature facelift, which has gained him renown in Pittsburgh and beyond. Dr. Leong actively shares his knowledge through various channels, including publications, national and international conferences, and media appearances. Whether performing surgical or non-surgical procedures, he is committed to providing patients with natural, elegant, and safe outcomes.

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A facelift is the most comprehensive of all facial surgeries. It restores lift and firmness of skin quality, removes jowls and wrinkles, and restores sagging cheeks. When performed under the care of Dr. Leong, you can expect a very natural-looking result. The procedure, whether a traditional facelift or mini facelift, involves tightening or repositioning the underlying tissue. This allows for the most natural outcome – not pulled, tight or unusual in appearance. Dr. Leong is a perfectionist in performing this delicate surgery and is personally dedicated to creating the most appealing, natural outcome.


Dr. Leong believes that a rhinoplasty should not only enhance a patient's aesthetic appearance but also address any functional issues. He ensures that patients don't have to compromise nasal function for cosmetic improvement.

With his extensive training, years of experience, and meticulous approach, Dr. Leong consistently achieves exceptional results in rhinoplasty surgery.

For those considering rhinoplasty, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery offers consultations to discuss the procedure in more detail.

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The eyes are an important focal point in the face and significantly impact one’s appearance. As we age, the skin in our upper eyelid loosens, which can cause hooding over the eyes and the appearance of smaller eyes. During eyelid surgery, Dr. Leong removes excess skin and/or fat to open up the eyes and restore their previous youthful and rejuvenated look.

Some women really benefit from our Pittsburgh blepharoplasty surgery because they are once again able to apply eyeshadow to their upper eyelids without it smearing or wiping off. However, both men and women with extra eyelid skin can be great candidates for upper eyelid surgery.

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From injectables and lip augmentation to laser therapy, dermaplaning, and IPL photorejuvenation, Sistine Aesthetics provides innovative, state-of-the-art treatments that enhance and refine your natural beauty. Dr. Leong, a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with an international reputation for excellence, oversees every procedure.

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At Sistine Plastic Surgery, you will enjoy personalized pampering from head to toe. Whether you are seeking to treat age-related facial flaws, combat sun damage and acne scarring, or experience a rejuvenating facial that is tailored to your unique skin care needs, our Pittsburgh medical spa has the ideal procedure for revitalizing your appearance.


Dr. Leong takes the time to get to know each of his patients with a detailed and unhurried consultation. Not only are there many details and nuances to cover, but honest and forthright discussion is the foundation of trust so critical to achieving the goals of patient and doctor alike. Dr. Leong encourages questions and comprehensive discussion during the consultation to ensure that patients thoroughly understand a procedure and feel comfortable moving forward. The goal is to address the patient’s concerns with a treatment plan that improves the appearance in a natural looking way. Dr. Leong believes “If it doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t look good!”

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