Welcome to the Nuin Center, Pittsburgh’s premier holistic and integrative wellness center. The Nuin Center is conveniently located in Highland Park between N.Negley and N.Highland near the Pittsburgh Zoo and only 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.
It offers easy free parking, access to public transportation and is wheelchair accessible. 

Here at the Center, there are 14 practitioners offering a holistic approach with paths to maintain an optimal mental and physical well being. There are 3 categories of practitioners: complementary and alternative health, psychotherapy, and bodywork.

Nuin Center

Some of the specialties include:
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Reiki, Gestalt psychotherapy, Biological Physician, Spiritual Counseling, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Therapy, Holistic Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Cellular Expansion and Healing, Reflexology and Rolfing.

Please visit the DIRECTORY to see the biographies of our practitioners.

The Nuin Story

Nuin is the Celtic Ogham alphabet word for the Ash tree. This is the symbol of the world tree with its branches in the heavens and its roots deep in the earth. The Nuin supports inner and outer work, earth and spirit, self and cosmos, microcosm and macrocosm. This concept is reflected in the individuals who have been drawn to work at the Nuin Center.

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