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Kenneth D. Hancock, D.C.

Our health is our most important ally. Without it, nothing else is possible.  My goal is to help you regain and maintain your highest level of wellness.  I have been practicing in Pittsburgh since 1985 and have been providing patients with practical, holistic and effective approaches to health care for over 27 years.

Treatment focuses on three major areas:

Trigger point/muscle work

A trigger point is a painful, focal area of irritation within a muscle that creates local pain and loss of movement as well as referred pain and dysfunction. A major medical pain center study found that a remarkable 85 % of the 287 patients studied had myofascial trigger points diagnosed as the primary cause of their pain. Trigger points cannot be seen on an x-ray or evaluated with a series of blood tests. It requires a thorough understanding of the body, its’ musculoskeletal system, the biomechanics of movement and the referred pain “map” of the body. Treatment consists of digital pressure directly to the trigger point to break the pain reflex and help restore normal muscle function.

Postural Awareness, Biomechanics Training and Tai Chi

It is important to understand the cause of pain and dysfunction. Postural/biomechanics re-education can help develop efficiency of movement and integrated body strength. This gives the individual more control over their injuries and allows for greater freedom of movement with less pain.

Tai Chi is a highly developed system for movement retraining and is a unique form of body re-education, exercise, and meditation in motion. Emphasis is on self-reliance, injury prevention and improving coordination and balance. Eventually this way of moving is integrated into daily life. See for more information.

Food and Nutritional Counseling

The link between diet and certain chronic degenerative diseases has now been well established. Food and diet also play an important role in many symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. By examining food choices and making changes in daily eating patterns, a healthier, more balanced lifestyle can be achieved.


Western States Chiropractic College
Doctor of Chiropractic

Glassboro State College
(Courses in Physiology, Biology, Biomechanics, Chemistry, Physics)

Rutgers College
BA, English and Writing

 Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance accepted.


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Trigger Point/Muscle work
T'ai Chi
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